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Why is it necessary to conduct the insertion force test of the pin header?

Pin header and female header are commonly used connectors in electronic industry products. During manufacturing or use, contact terminals are affected by various factors, such as thermal deformation during wire drawing during manufacturing. In addition, the insertion or vibration of the pin header and female connector product during use will generate different force values, causing the contact end to deviate from the working position, resulting in the failure of the product connection function.

The terminal retention force is to ensure that the terminal is held in the plastic, and during manufacturing, such as welding or product handling, such as male-female mating, pulling the terminal that has been assembled in the plastic.

The pin header and female connector will be affected by external force during the manufacturing process, so the retention force of the terminal and the plastic must be sufficient, otherwise the terminal will be affected by the external force and shrink the needle, resulting in connection interruption or connection failure.