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Guide in Choosing the Right Pin Header for Your Printed Circuit Board

Choosing the Right Pin Header

Presently, Pin Header connectors contain a few unique methods for connection. For the most part, one side is a series of pins which is welded to a PCB. And, they can either be at a right-angle to the PCB surface which is generally called “straight”.

It can also be paralleled to the board’s surface. Hence, it is confusingly referred to as “right – angle” pins. Such connectors arrive in a variety of pitches and they may have a number of individual columns of pins.

    1. Arduino-Uno-board, Male and female of 1 Pin Header connectors

      Typical varieties on these parts are “machine pins” version. On the other hand, the typical version is shaped out of stamped and collapsed sheet metal. Machine pin connectors are framed by a tooling the metal into the desired shape.
      Thus, the outcome is a more robust connector, with a superior joint. Thus, this is more expensive than the other pin head connectors.

    2. Connection pin’ Right-angle female header on a FTDI fundamental board

      The most known pin headers are .1″ single or double row connectors. They often come in female and male forms. And, they are connectors used to join in Arduino boards and shields together. Other type of pitches is uncommon. For example, the XBee wireless module utilizes a 2.0mm pitch version of the same connector.

    3. machine – Pin Header (Female)

      Remember that these components are intended to be shattered and separated into littler segments. On the other hand, model 1’’ header pin connectors that are female are most certainly not. It is also significant to remember that not the entire non machine pin header connector will match the pin header version.
      The cable made to be attached with these pin headers range from one to two types. Hence, each of the wires with ribbon links insulation displacement connectors or crimp connectors on them. These can just be clipped into the end of the ribbon cable.
      This allows a good connection with each one of the conductors in the ribbon cable. Usually, cables are just accessible as female gender and anticipate that a male pin will complement with it.

    4. Six-position crimp – type cable

      Every wire is independently stripped and that a connector is crimped to it. After that, the connectors are inserted into the plastic frame.

    5. 2×5 protection uprooting connectors (IDC) on a lace link

      This kind of cable can be immediately assembled on the grounds that it doesn’t need to strip each individual connector. It has polarizing tabs on every end that avert inaccurate placing in the matching board-side connector.

Having the right connection in printed circuit board simply means your computer will work proficiently. If you need assistance in choosing a pin header, Smolex will be there to help you all the time. They are among the leading suppliers of Pin Header. Hence, you can get the best type of pin header from them.

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