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A Guide for Pin Header: Things that You Have to Know

A Guide:

At this present time, computer turns out to be as an essential part of most homes and business offices. It is definitely known because many people can benefit in using a computer. You can’t even imagine how useful it is for many people. not only for computer, but also for different electronic devices relate to PCB board.

However, there are some features or parts of the computer system that can be very sensitive such as circuit board Pin Header and Header connector. If your computer holds poor quality components, then you can expect your life to be ruined as well.

At this line, circuit boards Header have their responsibilities in the best computer function. They have a direct connection on the Printed Circuit Board or the PCB. There are commercial types of circuit board pin headers that can be used in many electrical distribution systems and that are applied for PCB interfaces.

It is a highly reliable, compact, sturdy and light in weight multi-pin connector with an exterior connector. A pin header (or just header) is a type of electrical connector. It comprises one or more columns of male pins normally divided 2.54mm millimeters (0.1 in) separated. However, at times, 2 millimeters (0.079 in) or 1.27 millimeters (0.05 in) are utilized as well. You can learn more about pin headers below.

Listed below are the things that you must know about Pin Header . Here are as follows:

The various types of printed circuit boardheaders are available for an enhanced method of connection.
Sometimes, it is difficult to draw a track from one end to another and we make use of jumper such as a wire to board connection or board to board connection. In order to use jumpers in an organized way without soldering, such connectors are used.It is also known as “Shrouded headers” or “Box headers”.

To make an external make/break connection of components/device on a printed circuit board, PCB headers are used.
The name indicates that these kinds of connectors are utilized for various connections on printed circuit board.
These connectors are best suited for FRC (Flat Ribbon cable) interface.
They are available in various lengths such as 10 pin header, 10 pin headers, etc. These connectors can be cut easily into pieces as per the requirements.
These connectors are also available in 90 Degrees bent. These are also cost effective due to their simple manufacturing.

What are the Classifications of PCB connector?

There are Different kinds of PCB headers that are available, both in female and male version.

  • Multiple row PCB header
  • Right angled PCB header
  • Screw terminal header

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