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How to Install Pin Headers and Other Types of Headers

Install Pin Headers

For some reasons, most people are enjoying a lot in installing pin headers. One of the good things about these is that they do not put anything to the elevation of the task and they are also created to have a pleasant concrete connection. This article will give you the procedures on how you can install pin headers. So, take time to read and learn.

Given below are the procedures that you must do in order to install the pin headers. These are as follows:

1. The first thing that you must do is to cut the headers to length. As of that, row the pin header strip above the holes on the border of the shield and cut it into four divisions of the pin header strip to fit.

2. After that, place the pin headers and insert the pin header divisions. The long pins will go down to the female headers.

3. After you go down the long pins into the female pins, place the shield. You must make a parallel with pin headers and push it down.

4. Then, lastly, solder every pin to guarantee an excellent electrical contact.

These simple steps can guarantee you good results if you follow it correctly.

Assembly with the Stacking Headers

The stacking headers can provide your data with logger protection and additional elasticity. At this point, you can merge it with other shields like LCD or RGB display shield in order to generate a compact logging mechanism that can comprehend a user line. Furthermore, you can also hoard it by 1 or more proto-shields to put an extra prototyping hole for the interfacing to sensors.

Installing stacking headers should be started from the peak of the board rather than at the base so that the step is a little different compared to installing easy male headers. At this line, you must place the headers. After that, insert the headers on top of the shield and then by that, turn over the shield and put it on a flat surface. After you place the header, straighten it so that it will become vertical. Keep in mind to insert the headers on top of the shield in order to solder it from underneath.

Take note, you have to solder 1 pin from every section of the header. In case every one of them is twisted, all you have to do is simply re-heat the 1 solder joint and straighten it by your hand. Then, when all the headers are become straight, keep on soldering the remaining pins.

Now that you already know how to install pin headers and other types of pin headers, it’s about time for you to give it a try.

Through having your determination to learn as well as giving your time and effort, it will become easy for you to follow the procedures that were given. At this point, you can also share it to others who want to learn how to install pin headers.

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