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The Performance of SMT (surface mount) Female Header Connector

To talk about the Performance of SMT (surface mount) Female Header Connector, Optical properties came first, and then also need to consider about the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and the times of insertion and withdrawal force.

1. Optical performance.

Optical performance requirements for SMT female header connectors, mainly insertion loss and return loss of these two basic parameters. Insertion loss (Insertion Loss) i.e. the connection loss is the result of the introduction joint link effectively caused the loss of optical power. Insertion loss is represented by L. If the input fiber optical power is P, the output fiber optical power P. The insertion loss of insertion loss as low as possible, the general requirements should be less than 0.5dB.

2.Repeatability, interchangeability.

Repeatability is after the event multiple plug connector insertion loss variation in dB. It refers to the interchangeability of the connector insertion loss of each exchange member changes, also expressed in dB. These two indicators can assess the reasonableness of the connector design and processing technology, it indicates that the connector is an important indicator of the practical. Surface-mount Header Connectorsare generic passive components, for the same types of SMT connectors can generally be used in any combination, and can be used repeatedly, thereby guiding people’s additional losses are generally in the range of less than 0.2dB.

3. Tensile strength.

For good quality SMT Female header connector, generally require the tensile strength should not be less than 90 N.

4. Temperature.

General requirements, SMT female connector must be able to work at temperatures of -40 to 170 degree.

5. Mating cycles.

SMD female connector currently used can generally be pluggable than 1000 times.
2-54mm-pitch-smt-female-header-connectors-300x191 2-0mm-smt-female-header-connectors-300x191 1-27mm-smt-female-header-connectors-300x191 1-0mm-female-header-connectors-300x191

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In the coming post, we will talk about Four basic structural components of the SMT female header connector.

Four Basic Structural Components Of The SMT Female Header Connector

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