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How to Install Pin Headers and Other Types of Headers

Install Pin Headers For some reasons, most people are enjoying a lot in installing pin headers. One of the good things about these is that they do not put anything to the elevation of the task and they are also created to have a pleasant concrete connection. This article will give you the procedures on…

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A Guide for Pin Header: Things that You Have to Know


A Guide: At this present time, computer turns out to be as an essential part of most homes and business offices. It is definitely known because many people can benefit in using a computer. You can’t even imagine how useful it is for many people. not only for computer, but also for different electronic devices…

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How to Distinguish a High-quality Pin Header

Today, innovation comes out in different things. With the use of technology, everything in this world that surround you seems very possible. Aside from the fact that it gives you the most pleasurable things, it also serves its best purpose in making your work easier. One good example of this is computer. Computer giver every…

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How to produce Pin header and female header connectors

Whether you simply like DIY projects, or you have a fascination with connectors, at some point you might be interested to make a pin header or a female header connector. When this happens, it will be significant first to understand the basics about the two before embarking on the projects. A pin header and a…

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The basic performance of the connector

The basic performance of the connector The basic performance of the connector can be divided into three categories: Mechanical , Electrical and Environmental performance. 1.Mechanical performance: Mechanical performance including resistance to vibration and shock, locking mode, mechanical life, positioning key, Insertion force and withdrawal force, etc. Resistant to vibration and shock are important mechanical properties,…

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Pin Header: Considerations to Choose a Reputed Manufacturer


How to Choose a Reputed Pin Header Manufacturer A pin header is considered to be a king of electrical connector. It consists of multiple rows of male pins spaced at equal distances. Pin headers are closely related to ribbon cable connectors, but may also be used with jumpers. A lot of people don’t focus on the…

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The Performance of SMT (surface mount) Female Header Connector


To talk about the Performance of SMT (surface mount) Female Header Connector, Optical properties came first, and then also need to consider about the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and the times of insertion and withdrawal force. 1. Optical performance. Optical performance requirements for SMT female header connectors, mainly insertion loss and return loss of…

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